The Guesthouse Hagiati is placed in an ideal spot where somebody can reach the sights even on foot.

50 meters from the Guesthouse you meet the beautiful park of Waterfalls where you can enjoy the marvelous view and find the famous Waterfalls and their impressive cave.

Being risky enough, one can try exploring the twin Waterfall through a narrow path. It’s worthy!

Just next to the park exists the Open Air Water Museum and the Reptilehouse. Walking a little bit further the entrance of the old factory Kanavourgio is seen.

After passing Kanavourgio the path takes people to the old Cristian district of Edessa (Varosi) where somebody can see beautiful little churches build decades ago and the old metropolitan church named after the assumption of Virgin Mary (14th century) and appreciate the excellent architecture of the old city.

The beauty of Edessa is really unique. Many rivers and big, really old, plane trees set a dreamy scene. That is why Edessa is known as the Town of Water. Beautiful walking paths around them lead to many interesting spots in the town where great people would love to show you their hospitality.

And if somebody likes excursions, Edessa is the best place to explore! The distances are short so it is easy to try many different things depending on your taste. Visiting archaeological places, learning our tradition, having dinner in great restaurants, visiting museums and natural places are some of Guesthouse Hagiati’ s proposals.